Expertising Italian area
Stamps & postal history (except R.S.I.)

20129 Milano – Via F.lli Bronzetti, 21

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A.I.E.P. Official Expert (Stati Sardi e Regno d’Italia)
Member: Associazione Italiana di Storia Postale
Borsa Filatelica Nazionale - Milano

Collectors Club - NewYork
Italy & Colonies Study Circle - London

Società Svizzera di Storia Postale

Expertising XIXth century stamps & postal history of Italy & area - especially Sardinia and Kingdom of Italy


A) SIGNATURES: (minimum € 50 for each consignment up to 10 stamps)

Opinion (signature only) € 5
Specialized classification (on request)     € 7
Plating (when possible only) + € 5

B) FULL PHOTOGRAPHIC CERTIFICATES: (minimum € 35 for stamps - € 70 p. history)

Stamps: detailed written opinion including technical description and specialized classification 1%
Postal History: ditto, with rate or special usage description 1,5%
A.I.E.P. Certificates: +                                30%
Negative written opinions                                                                                               
(issued in order to confirm forgery or misclassification status, only on high value items).

50 up to 200 € 

Note: All Certificates are issued when appropiate; all percentage charges are calculated on a Sassone

catalogue basis or on a professional estimation when not catalogued by Sassone.


Stamps & postal history (on declared commercial value)                                                                                                3%
Usual discount for dealers and professionals. 

Special rates on  expertising of large collections/accumulations.

All charges are for expertising at our premises; charges on all expertising which have to be settled away from our Offices have to be fixed on an individual basis in advance, and in any case, the full reimbursement of all expenses shall be added  to the final invoice.    

All listed charges do not include V.A.T. and local taxes.

All the above rates are exclusive of registered return postage.

Insurance both ways have to be provided by the sender if not specifically requested; in this case it will be covered - for a previously mentioned value when sending - by a private Insurance Company  and charged at their current rate.

Milano, January 2003